Tauren Wells – Citizen of Heaven (Live) 2021

Tauren Wells – Citizen of Heaven (Live) 2021

1. Never Gonna Let Me Go (Live)
2. All My Love (Live)
3. Miracle (Live)
4. When We Pray (Live)
5. There’s Something About That Name (Live) (feat. Davies)
6. All My Hope (Live)
7. Citizen of Heaven Intro (Live)
8. Citizen of Heaven (Live)
9. God’s Not Done With You (Live)
10. Echo (Live) (feat. Davies)
11. Until Grace (Live)
12. Known (Live)
13. Like You Love Me (Live)
14. Famous For (I Believe) / Do It Again (Live) (feat. Jenn Johnson & Christine D’Clario)
15. Hills and Valleys (Live)

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